Pistachio Muffin

pistachio muffin

You may notice that when things are green and say they taste like pistachio, they don’t taste like pistachios at all. You may also notice, if you’re good at tasting things, that they taste like almonds, instead. That’s because all these things use almond extract, because it actually tastes good, when pistachio extract makes things taste like lemon slices that somebody accidentally put on a hamburger and then took back off. I’m okay with it, because I like almonds, and am indifferent at best to hamburger lemons. 4.7/5



He’s a very pretty man, but you have to consider that he attempted to destroy the world and use it’s death throes to ascend to godhood, and that he popped Jupiter like a balloon, and he murdered 20-year old spoilers, AND that his hands are just cubes before you decide to pursue a relationship. But, I mean, he’s a very pretty man. 4.1/5