Crazy Heart

crazy heart

A movie from a few years ago, starring Jeff Bridges as a country singer so far into the grip of alcoholism that he somehow falls in love with Maggie Gyllenhaal. Before I watched this movie, somebody told me the Jeff Bridges character dies at the end. Spoilers: he doesn’t! He gets sober and becomes successful and an all-around better person. I don’t remember who told me he dies. I wish I did. I’d like to thank them for giving me that most rare and valuable of things: a pleasant surprise. 4.1/5



These are stories Jesus told to illustrate a particular moral point, like The Good Samaritan, or the Prodigal Son. His disciples uniformly failed to understand them even though they’re really, really obvious. You might think that Jesus picked his friends from whatever passed for the special needs class two thousand years ago, but consider The Flynn Effect which describes how IQ tends to rise 10% per generation and consider also that Jesus was kicking around a hundred or more generations ago, and just be impressed that Jesus wasn’t immediately burned as a witch for describing a thing that wasn’t happening in front of him at the time. 2.4/5

Sleep deprivation


When I don’t get enough sleep–and for me enough is too much, I could sleep twelve hours at a stretch and still be ready for a nap–I start to assume that everything in my peripheral vision is a monster. Well either that or I gain the ability to see previously invisible monsters, but only in my peripheral vision. Neither of these options are particularly enticing. I don’t care what Dick Cheney says, this is torture. 0.1/5

Num Kroch

Num Kroch

I’m going to sidestep the joke that this is called “Num Kroch” which would be hilarious if this was made from water buffalo testicles or something, but it isn’t. These are fried rice flour pastries with sesame seeds on the outside that are filled with…again? Bean paste. If somebody went through the Asian food canon and replaced every instance of bean paste with something edible (like pudding!) the world would be a better place. 0.5/5