From Star Trek: The Next Generation. Data is an android with the crippling flaw of not having emotions. Or at any rate, that’s what he’s supposed to be. Because it’s hard to write a character without any emotions, especially when you’re a writer who isn’t 100% sure what is and isn’t an emotion, his crippling flaw ends up being that he has to say he doesn’t have emotions all the time, when he obviously does. His other crippling flaw is that even though he’s a computer from the future, he’s not as good at poker as Worf, and Worf is basically a misogynist rage-monster. I do like it when he pretends to be Sherlock Holmes, though, God help me but I do. 4.1/5

Shrimp on the Barbie

shrimp on the barbie

This is just barbecued shrimp, only this is the way all us Americans learned to say it in the 80s during the few months after Crocodile Dundee came out and we remembered Australia existed and wondered what their deal was. I think this whole thing rings false, though, because every Australian I’ve met in real life (possibly as many as two!) referred to shrimp as “prawns.” Anyway, barbecued shrimp is delicious. 4.7/5



From Chrono Trigger. He’s the worst character. Yes, worse than Marle. There. I said it. Come at me. I mean, he’s an emotionless robot, so I guess he was kind of destined to be the worst character, but that robot from the beginning that sings you a song about how if you beat him up you can earn 15 silver points is pretty engaging, so maybe Robo’s just a pretty boring dude. 2.4/5



Asimo is a robot built by Honda that can walk, sometimes up stairs, but almost never uphill, and do stuff with its hands, not including playing thumb war, which is probably the most important thing one can do with one’s hands. It makes me feel hopeful that the robot overlords probably won’t rule over us until after I am dead, because I am do all the stuff they do better that they do, and also other cool things, like feeling hopeful. 1.1/5

Violet Crumble

violet crumble

I was so excited to see this on the Wikipedia page for Australian Cuisine, because I love me some sugared violets. But apparently these are called that because the inventor’s wife’s favorite flower was violets. My wife’s favorite flower is the white rose, so long as she hasn’t updated her favorite flower in the almost twenty years since I learned what her favorite flower was, but, I mean, when I finally invent Untitled Candy Bar That is Chocolate Filled with Pecan Pie Filling I’m not calling it that, because it would absolutely not make sense. Like calling a completely brown toffee candy bar Violet Crumble. Looks pretty good though. I like toffee. 4.1/5