Banana Twins

banana twins

These are banana flavored spongecake with snack cake filling. Essentially they’re banana Twinkies nobody bothered to close so the filling squirts out of the sides. Banana spongecake is better than regular spongecake but snack cake filling on my face is a deal-breaker. I’m just going to give them whatever I gave Twinkies, which I’m not going to look up but I remember was low and that I suggested radioactive post-apocalypse cockroaches wouldn’t eat them. 0.3/5

Frodo Baggins


Of all the fellowship of the Ring, including Boromir, who betrayed everyone to orcs and immediately died, Frodo is the worst one. Just a whiny pathetic limp rag who tries to give away the evil, corrupting, immensely powerful One Ring away no less than three times after swearing not to, and really does nothing nothing but complain about a journey that is really just walking and one time he fell asleep when a spider was in the room. He can’t even destroy the One Ring properly, it gets destroyed accidentally when Gollum eats one of Frodo’s fingers wrong. Just the worst. Also, Appendix C in Return of the King reveals his real name to be “Maura,” so now his secret is out.