Pike’s Peak

pike's peak

The Mountain that Trivialized Mountains. You can drive to the top. You can take a train to the top. There’s a gift shop up there. It’s man’s ultimate victory over nature. Man, in general, that is to say; I personally went up there once and ascended to a level of barfy I hadn’t known existed until then from altitude sickness, but most of the other humans up there seemed okay. 2.5/5

Stages of Grief: Anger


This is kind of a mixed bag. If you’re grieving because a vampire killed your grandmother, that anger might help you become a world-class vampire hunter and save everyone else’s grandmothers from exsanguination. If, on the other hand your grandmother died from a combination of old age and osteoporosis, well, you can’t get angry at calcium or the concept of linear time. I need both of those things to keep on rolling if I want to eat a whole wheel of cheese watching Avengers: Infinity War. 2.5/5



The prototypical show about nothing, a lot of people claim they can’t watch it now, because each and every problem could be solved by the invention of the cellular telephone, which is true but it’s also true of pretty much every sitcom that ever aired at any time up to and including fifteen years after the invention of the cellphone. Me, I have trouble with it because of that time Kramer shouted racial slurs at some hecklers when he decided he was a stand-up comedian. 2.5/5