I have a complex view of California. As a government, and as a place to do business, I think California is great, and all the other states could learn from what is, essentially, the sixth biggest economy in the world. As a collection of people and their cars, I kind of wish it would break off into the ocean and then catch on fire. So, you know, nuanced. 2.5/5

The Recorder


I am of two minds about these things. They’re great for teaching kids the basics of music, and I think kids should absolutely learn music if they can. On they other hand, even if a talented musician plays one, it still sounds like bird murder is being done, and I am against bird murder. Except for chickens and turkeys. And ducks, sometimes. And geese at Christmas. And Emus, because they know what they did. Anyway, maybe I’m not as anti-bird murder as I thought, but these still don’t sound very good. 2.5/5