There’s a pretty compelling theory that people couldn’t see blue, or at least didn’t recognize it as not a shade of some other color, until they discovered a way to make blue dye. If you go back to The Odyssey, for example, the sea is referred to as “wine dark.” This is not an accurate representation of the sea, but it is pretty dead on as a description of blues music, so who knows? It looks good on Superman, I guess. 3.0/5

Ciabatta Bread


You don’t really think of bread as having been invented, but this, the kind of bread you have to use to make a panini was invented in 1960, making it younger than both of my parents. If you slice it, you’ll see more holes than bread. Incidentally, the first bread-slicing machine wasn’t invented until 1928 making the very concept of sliced bread younger than my grandfather, and why wasn’t any of this ever on the History Channel instead of Ice Road Truckers? 3.0/5

Doctor Octopus


Ah, the octopus! The shy, soft, grouchy, ocean-bound, ultimate ravager of spiders! Or maybe they just have the same number of legs, and that’s enough of a connection for Stan Lee when he’s already created thirty characters that day and it’s lunchtime. Anyway, Doctor Octopus is a doughy middle-aged scientist with some extra robot arms growing out of his back. He is Spider-Man’s deadliest foe. 3.0/5

Flutie Flakes

flutie flakes

I’m something of a 90s buff, in that if the 90s were a place I would move there and run for President, but even I am hard pressed to explain how this career backup quarterback launched this breakfast cereal that was literally everywhere for about a month in 1998 and then disappeared forever. Voodoo? Probably voodoo. Anyway, it’s fine. It’s just Frosted Flakes only Tony the Tiger is a shortish Canadian man. 3.0/5

Walking Taco

walking taco

This is a food I always see at the Illinois State Fair. It’s a bag of Fritos with taco stuff dumped in there. I feel like the inventor of this had to have noticed that taking the shell off of a taco does not make it easier to walk around with, but then again just selling regular tacos isn’t going to get you included as a line in a Huffington Post listicle. 3.0/5