Beluga Whale

beluga whale

Whales and dolphins are the result of the first attempt by mammals to recolonize the seas (the others being seals and sea lions, manatees, and sea otters). The proto-whale was actually a hippopotamus-like creature. It’s hard to believe when you look at say, giant squid-murdering sperm whales, or merciless killing machines like the orca. Not so the beluga whale. I can absolutely believe this guys grandpa was a hippo. 3.3/5

Doritos Rainbow


These were a limited edition thing this year in honor of gay pride month. It’s a pretty brave thing to do, because, while they don’t read a lot of east coast journals of opinion or see a lot of Broadway plays or even buy a lot of Subarus, bigots eat a lot of chips. It’s nice to see a company say, hey, if you’re a terrible person, we don’t want you to buy our product. Apropos of nothing, despite the fact that this magnificent stuff rating machine runs on your props and pageviews, if you’re a bigot, go away, I don’t want you in my audience. Anyway, the chips are fine, they taste like the nacho ones and they don’t have a yellow color which makes it not a terribly accurate rainbow. 3.3/5



Here’s a fun fact about koalas: something like 90 percent of them have Chlamydia! Normally it doesn’t cause any problems, but when they get stressed it leads to raging, uncontrollable diarrhea and a condition called “dirty tail.” So maybe don’t cuddle them like we all know you want to. Also, “Dirty Tail” sounds like a deep cut from a Nickleback album. 3.3/5