Doritos Rainbow


These were a limited edition thing this year in honor of gay pride month. It’s a pretty brave thing to do, because, while they don’t read a lot of east coast journals of opinion or see a lot of Broadway plays or even buy a lot of Subarus, bigots eat a lot of chips. It’s nice to see a company say, hey, if you’re a terrible person, we don’t want you to buy our product. Apropos of nothing, despite the fact that this magnificent stuff rating machine runs on your props and pageviews, if you’re a bigot, go away, I don’t want you in my audience. Anyway, the chips are fine, they taste like the nacho ones and they don’t have a yellow color which makes it not a terribly accurate rainbow. 3.3/5



Here’s a fun fact about koalas: something like 90 percent of them have Chlamydia! Normally it doesn’t cause any problems, but when they get stressed it leads to raging, uncontrollable diarrhea and a condition called “dirty tail.” So maybe don’t cuddle them like we all know you want to. Also, “Dirty Tail” sounds like a deep cut from a Nickleback album. 3.3/5