Helping Hands Monkey Helpers


This is a charity which trains helper monkeys for people with spinal injuries who can’t grab things for themselves. It’s a worthy end goal, but I hope they’re only using monkeys as a stopgap until tiny robots are an option, because monkeys are the worst. They’re like people minus all the redemptive aspects of people. 3.5/5

Ukrainian Lekvoy


It seems like this cat breed was engineered to look elderly, but the breed itself was invented in the early 2000s, and my cat, that my mom worked up a crying jag to steal from me right before I got married and moved out, was born at the same time, and she’s still alive, so they can’t be that old. I want to pet one. I mean, that’s true of me and all cats, but it’s still true with this one. 4.1/5