Baby Powder

baby powder

A friend informed me that this is the boob-specific deodorant I complained didn’t exist when I rated boobs. It’s nice, I guess, because when my daughter was born the doctor told us we couldn’t actually use baby powder on babies. I don’t remember what exactly I used all the baby shower gift baby powder for, but if I had to guess, I’d say I definitely reenacted that scene from Scarface. You know the one. Where we find out Scarface is really his sled. 2.6/5



I don’t get people who love their babies more than their spouses. Presumably you chose your spouse, while your baby was procedurally generated from several of your grosser bodily functions and probably poops itself at least twice as much as your spouse does. Eventually they play with Legos, though, and it’s always nice to have another excuse to buy some Legos. 3.0/5