Gooey Butter Cake


Apparently people think Paula Deen invented this? No. Just like she did with racism, she stole the idea from the past and just acted like she invented it. It was actually invented in the thirties in a St. Louis bakery when a German baker who didn’t know the English words for butter or flour guessed wrong and reversed the proportions from a recipe for coffee cake or something. It is delicious and a huge mess, just like if you tried to eat Paula Deen. 3.9/5

St. Paul Sandwich

st paul sandwich

This sandwich, an egg foo young patty with hamburger fixings on white bread, is not from St. Paul at all, but was invented in a Chop Suey house in St. Louis. The story of how they got their name is kind of precious if true, but kind of racist if not. The Chinese inventor of this sandwich, the story goes, couldn’t say the letter L in “St. Louis” so he just picked a different saint. Anyhow, the sandwich is fine. I think I’d like it better if the egg foo youngs were the bread and bacon or something was in the middle, but I’m in the stuff rating game, not the sandwich invention rat race. 2.9/5



Having been introduced to shawarma, like everyone else, by the second post-credits sequence in Marvel’s the Avengers I assumed it was some kind of Middle Eastern Nachos. Imagine my surprise when I ordered it in Epcot Center’s Morocco to learn it is just a bunch of stuff on a plate. Imagine my further surprise when I googled it to learn that it’s actually a Middle Eastern burrito? Anyway it turns out “shawarma” is just the way you cook the meat, but honestly, if you put lamb and couscous and flatbread in around the same place, I will find a way to eat it because I am a fan of things that are delicious. 4.7/5