Spice Drops

spice drops

These are gum drops, but smaller and not flavored like fruit. Ideally they’d be flavored with spices, on account of that’s their name, but at least all the mint ones are herbs, not spices, and one of the flavors is orange and that’s a fruit, and God knows what licorice actually is. Anyway, you can look and look and look, but you’ll never find someone who likes all these flavors, but you can’t buy them separately, so if you want spearmint, I hope you’re ready for cloves. 2.6/5

Peach Rings

peach rings

I became familiar with these when I realized that you can by marijuana versions of them in Colorado. So I bought a regular bag, and a bag of the special ones, with the plan being to put my pot candy in the regular candy bag and smuggle them back through Kansas and Missouri. Anyhow I got cold feet and just gave my drugs to the front desk lady at my hotel, but I still had a bag of plain candy peach rings, which turned out to be delicious. 2.9/5

Root Beer Barrels

root beer barrels

These are barrel-shaped candies that taste like root beer. I love root beer, but I don’t love that there’s no caffeine in it. I only have so much room for liquids that don’t have either uppers or downers in them, so I don’t drink it that much. But I have infinite room for candy, so this is how I get my fix. Also I love the barrel shape. The ridges are nice for when your mouth is itchy. 3.8/5

Bert’s Chuckwagon


This was ostensibly a Mexican restaurant (I always got the chicken nuggets) from the past in my hometown. It’s gone now. Well it’s not gone, but the building is gone, that dope red A-frame with the mural of Jesus on the cross lecturing Mary Magdalene. It moved to a storefront downtown where it looks like everything else. And now it’s busier and cleaner, and it’s helping revitalize Main Street, but it’s not the same. It doesn’t feel like Bert’s. I think I understand a little bit now about why old people are so disagreeable. Their whole lives are filled with things that don’t feel right. 4.6/5