Alzheimer’s Disease


This is a disease that mostly strikes older people that gradually destroys the brain, especially memory.  It’s especially terrible in the early stages when you remember enough to remember you’ve forgotten something, but not what it was and it leads to anger and panic attacks and all sorts of bad times. It’s on the list of diseases for which you can get medical marijuana in my state, and I hope people are taking advantage of that because I once got really high and forgot literally everything except that I suspected all the people on television were also high and what Brut cologne smelled like, and I was having a blast. 0.2/5

Psilocybin Mushrooms


These are ‘shrooms, or magic mushrooms. The kind you eat, or if you’re smart make a tea out of, and then you get really interested in Pink Floyd, and, in my case, what ants are up to when it is nighttime. I can’t do them anymore because, in the past, every time I did them I climbed a tree and vomited out a rainbow made up of my own insecurities and that tree fell down a few years ago so I’m not sure where my insecurities would even go. 3.6/5