Girl Scout Cookies

girl scout cookies

The are the cookies sold by, you guessed it, the girl scouts. What you may not know is that the girl scouts don’t make the cookies, they’re made by the same people who make Keebler cookies. I guess Ernie and the rest of the elves. Anyhow, these are like five dollars, and, for all the cookies that aren’t yucky, Keebler makes a better version you can buy at the store for like two-fifty. Now, I’m not saying don’t give the girl scouts your money, in fact I’m saying the opposite. Just give the girl scouts some money. You’ll have plenty after buying more and better cookies at half the price.

P.S. Samoas are best if you disagree you are a toilet person. 2.7/5

Muenster Cheese


Despite the fact that it rates an umlaut it’s not German, or from any of the German-speaking countries, unless you count the US as a German-speaking country. The red stuff on the outside is something called “annatto” which Wikipedia informs me is primarily used as red stuff on the outside of things. Anyway, it’s useful to have a cheese that sounds so close to “monster cheese” because it turns out kids who otherwise don’t eat a whole lot of calcium are really excited to eat congealed monster milk. 3.5/5