In this instance, I’m not referring to how french fries taste, I’m using “salty” the way the kids do, to describe someone who is mean to you, possibly in a sassy way. The only problem here, is that the word already has a connotation of “the way an old pirate is.” When I first heard this I was thrilled to learn that children were more whimsical and nautically-minded than I had previously given them credit for, but, nope, they’re just stealing words like they always have. 2.2/5



This is a thing that I hope doesn’t exist anymore, but I’m pretty sure it does, where cops come to your school and lie to you about how every drug is terrible and will kill you and your family if you so much as look at it. Then when you get a little bit older and try a little bit of weed and you and your family are just very un-killed, you assume meth and heroin are probably also okay so you get very deep into those, and then your trailer burns down, and then you learn that an illiterate man-child from a reality show is running for President, and vote for him assuming that he actually has an average IQ and is not a racist and it’s just a whole mess. 0.1/5