Frozen Bananas

frozen bananas

So many foods make a big deal about how they are “fresh, never frozen.” But there’s a curious alchemy that happens when you freeze a banana that makes it, already my favorite fruit, even more delicious. We ought to turn more fruits into popsicles, just to see what happens. Peaches, maybe. Or watermelons. On another note, guess how many times I had to sing Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl to type this out. Hint: it is more than three. 4.9/5

Dole Whip


This is a thing you used to have to get at the Tiki Room, which was not really a ride, more of a room you sat in for ten minutes while parrots sang you songs about how you were in the Tiki Room, but one of the parrots caught on fire a few years back and now I think you can only buy them from a stand next to the Tiki Room. It’s pineapple ice cream in pineapple juice. I feel like you should probably just eat some pineapple if that’s the only flavor you’re interested in, but what do I know? 2.5/5