Throne Room


This is a room where you sit in a probably uncomfortable chair and wear a probably uncomfortable hat to make yourself look important. It seems to me if you need all that to appear important you probably aren’t, and that the most important guy is probably doing something like, I don’t, let’s say, sitting on a couch in his underpants assigning a value from 0-5 to all the things in the universe and PS the couch is pretty comfortable and he doesn’t even like hats. 0.8/5



I sit on toilets a lot. I can’t imagine I’m the only one. I figure people sit on toilets at least as much as they sit in automobile seats. So why aren’t toilets comfortable? I can drive my car for longer that twenty minutes without my legs falling asleep. If my car was a toilet, I’d never get anywhere. Still, toilets are pretty much the only game in town for solid and liquid waste disposal. 1.9/5