The Devil Went Down to Georgia


In this song, the devil challenges a hillbilly to a fiddling contest, but he doesn’t have anyone judge the contest and just sort of admits defeat at the end and goes back to hell after giving the hillbilly a solid gold violin. This is pretty gracious, because the devil’s solo is just as good and the hillbilly is kind of a jerk the whole time. 3.3/5

Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)


A late-90s song by The Backstreet Boys. There is a part in this song where one of the Backstreet Boy’s sings out “Am I sexual?” and the other Backstreet Boys sing back “yeah.”  Setting aside if this is a cool question for one to ask one’s bros, it’s nice that the Backstreet Boys take time to reassure one of their own when he doesn’t know if he’s supposed to reproduce through a cloud of spores or what. 3.7/5