Revolution X

revolution x

In this game, you play a fan of Aerosmith who witnesses the band’s kidnapping and proceeds to travel around the world murdering US government employees with compact discs in an effort to get them back. So as you’re playing Call of Duty: The One With Lasers Or Something and you wonder why no one makes original games anymore, remember this. This is why. 0.3/5

Two Princes

two princes

This Spin Doctors jam is how you know you’re in the 90s in a movie. How you know you’re in the 90s in real life is you’re twenty years younger and fifty pounds lighter and girls are noticing you, they’re not avoiding the sad old man, they’re noticing, and they’re liking what they notice and you don’t have a worry in the world, just not a care, and your cellphone’s not ringing all the time and you feel like you can breathe again. Just breathe. How did you go this long without breathing? Don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about that anymore. You’re home now. And also the layer of fudge crunchies in Dairy Queen ice cream cakes has way more fudge it it and Courteney Cox’s face still looks like a human’s face. 2.1/5

The Devil Went Down to Georgia


In this song, the devil challenges a hillbilly to a fiddling contest, but he doesn’t have anyone judge the contest and just sort of admits defeat at the end and goes back to hell after giving the hillbilly a solid gold violin. This is pretty gracious, because the devil’s solo is just as good and the hillbilly is kind of a jerk the whole time. 3.3/5