Mark Trail

mark trail

Mark Trail seems like a conservative guy, always wearing button-down shirts and punching people with non-standard haircuts, but look closer. I’m not sure he even has a gun, let alone, like, forty guns, and also he cares about nature as more than “that place all the oil is under.” You can’t pin him down with your left wing/right wing dichotomy. Mark Trail is free, like a bear or something. Say, did you know that bears don’t really hibernate? Mark Trail knows. 4.5/5

Trick Candles

trick candles

These are candles that you put on a birthday cake and, when the birthday person blows them out, they relight. It’s kind of a pain for a birthday cake, but why don’t they use these on those outdoor citronella candles that keep mosquitoes away? I don’t want to leave my mosquito defenses up to the vagaries of something as capricious as the wind. Get on it, Big Citronella. 3.2/5