Ben Carson


Ben Carson is a brilliant neurosurgeon who has little to no interest or skill in any other field, a failed presidential candidate, and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. My opinion of the Cadet Bone Spurs administration is low enough that I am 100%  sure he was selected for that job because they needed a black guy and saw one that had the word “urban” in it. 0.1/5

Betsy DeVos


The Secretary of Education. When she was nominated and confirmed last year a lot of people were–even Cadet Bone Spurs supporters–shocked and terrified at her lack of experience and her fabulous wealth of terrible ideas. Now it just seems kind of quaint remembering that we thought that this administration’s most evil plan was that they just didn’t want our children to learn things. 0.1/5

President Fat Bag of Farts


I try to remain pretty apolitical on this thing, but if you pay attention you can piece together enough info about me from my ratings to get a pretty good feel for where I stand in the political spectrum. I don’t like Mississippi or Christian movies. I have heard of soups from other countries. I’m in favor of punching Nazis. I know how to read, and to write. I accidentally on purpose referred to the sitting President of the United States of America as “President Fat Bag of Farts.” The tracks are there to follow. 0.1/5