Banana Twins

banana twins

These are banana flavored spongecake with snack cake filling. Essentially they’re banana Twinkies nobody bothered to close so the filling squirts out of the sides. Banana spongecake is better than regular spongecake but snack cake filling on my face is a deal-breaker. I’m just going to give them whatever I gave Twinkies, which I’m not going to look up but I remember was low and that I suggested radioactive post-apocalypse cockroaches wouldn’t eat them. 0.3/5

Doritos: The Quest

mountain dew flavoured doritos

This was a contest from 2008 where guessing the mystery flavor let you enter a contest where you had to do a bunch of nonsense and eventually somebody won $10,000. I imagine guessing the flavor was not the most important aspect since I just asked the Doritos distributor at Target what the flavor was and he told me. It was Mountain Dew. These were Mountain Dew-flavored Doritos. They were awful. Just awful. 0.1/5