Potty Accidents

potty accidents

This is when you lose control of your urinary and/or excretory functions before you remove the clothes surrounding your various pee and/or poo holes. There’s an age, usually right before school age, where this becomes Not Okay. Only, I read somewhere that around  80% percent of American adults have pooped themselves in a car, and everyone’s sin is no one’s sin. So let’s all just put a bag with some clean pants and underwear under our respective drivers’ seats and relax a little bit, but not too much, especially in the midsection. 2.7/5

The Statue of Liberty

statue of liberty

Given to the United States by France and built by Gustave Eiffel (from the Tower!), according to Bill Murray in the film Ghostbusters 2 this statue does not–owing to her French-ness–wear any underwear. Of course, in the same movie, she strolled through Manhattan to fight an evil, slimy museum and saved the world, so I feel like she can wear whatever she wants. 4.9/5